The purpose of this blog is to track and share Sam's and Boo's opinions on the children's books we read.  In addition, we're sharing how we use books as a source of fun therapy for Boo's autism. 

We're also hoping the blog will encourage literacy in the general population as well as tolerance and understanding towards those on the autism spectrum. 

If you are an author or a publisher and would like us to review a children's book of an approximately appropriate age for Boo (born mid-2008) or a book on autism spectrum disorder, please contact us at samandboobooks(at)gmail[dot]com.  Because Boo's experience plays such an important role in our reviews and he's a tactile little guy, we only accept physical copies.  We will not accept payment for a review, though in general we expect not to have to return the book.  All such books will be kept for personal use, given away on the blog, or donated to our local library.  All reviews requested by authors or publishers will be indicated as such in the revew post.  Note that when we accept a book, we are agreeing to review it honestly; we are not guaranteeing a positive review.

All our reviews come with links to the appropriate product at Amazon.  If a reader clicks through one of our links and buys the book, we receive a small commission through Amazon's affiliate program, which will be used to supplement Boo's personal library.  In addition, we have a small amount of additional advertising, currently from Google Ads.  When an interested reader clicks through these ads, we may receive a small commission.  No ads influence our reviews.

Note: Thank you to Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile for providing an excellent example a book blogger's policies and disclosures document on her own blog.
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