Factors? Bonuses?

We use a few terms specific to this blog.  Here are their definitions:

Kid Love Factor (KLF) - This is Sam's translation of how much Boo loves a particular book. Scored out of five, with higher numbers being better books. For the most part, books reviewed will score fairly well; we tend to review books we've read often and Boo's preferences generally dictate how often a book is read.

Adult Sanity Factor (ASF) - A rough estimate of how tolerable or intolerable a book is to read multiple times in a row. Scored out of five, with high scores being rereadable books and low scores indicating books Sam wants to toss out the proverbial window.  This rating is likely to vary much more widely than the Kid Love Factor.

Autism Spectrum Bonus - The main part of the reviews are suitable for all kids. This Autism Spectrum Bonus section contains any notes or ideas Sam and Boo can think of that might make this book more useful to those on the autism spectrum.  You may find some of these ideas useful for any child, whether they be neurotypical (normal) or have developmental differences other than those contained within an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.  The counterpart is also true; those of you with autism or a child with autism may find this section useless.  Sam and Boo are only experts on themselves and each other.
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