Friday, September 17, 2010

BBAW: Future Treasure - Experiences and Goals

The final prompt for Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010:

Friday—Future Treasures
We’ve been visiting each other and getting to know each other better…now is your chance to share what you enjoyed about BBAW and also what your blogging goals are for the next year!

Having decided to participate in BBAW at literally the last minute, my experience may vary from others who A) knew it was coming, B) participated last year, and C) have a clue.

I’d intended to just lurk this year, but due to a surprisingly complimentary post by the fabulous Brimful Curiosities, I figured I might as well go for it and join in.  For the statisticians among you, here’s a hint: don’t accidently disable your site meter gadget on the day before a blog way bigger and better than yours sends a bunch of fabulous readers your way.  I’m staring at a three-day hole in my stats instead of a nice, gratifying peak. Sigh.

I really enjoyed finding other book bloggers and experiencing blogs I hadn’t heard about before.  I haven’t yet had time to visit very many of them, but I’ll do so slowly over the next little while, hopefully finding new favourites and making new blogging buddies.  I expect my blogroll to expand quite a bit.

The interview swap was one of the highlights for me.  I interviewed Jen at Teach Mentor Texts (who also interviewed me) and was blown away by her philosophy and insights.  I’m hopeful that when Boo gets to school, he’ll have teachers just like her.  Teach Mentor Texts was one of three blogs short-listed for Best Kidlit Book Blog this year (along with Playing by the Book and the eventual winner, There’s a Book).  All three of them are amazing, so if you’re a kidlit fan and you live in some sort of alternate universe where you’ve heard of me but not them, get yourself over to their blogs ASAP.

My goals for the upcoming year are:
  • Continue reviewing children’s books at least 3 times a week. – that’s 156 by this time next year!  Better haul Boo off to the library tomorrow…
  • Expand my familiarity and interaction with other book bloggers and also with bloggers from the autism community.
  • Participate in more events; for example, it looks like Zoe at Playing by the Book is planning a new swap
  • Host at least one giveaway.
I must admit to being bit disappointed that so few blogs focusing on children’s lit participated in BBAW this year.  I’m hopeful that more will hear about it and choose to play in 2011.

Thanks so much to the organizers and volunteers who ran BBAW 2010.  It must have been an incredible amount of work, but from my perspective it was fantastic!


  1. Wish I could send more readers over your way. Love your reviews. Mine pale in comparison. My son is particularly happy we've found your blog. He's hoping that your suggestions will result in more balanced take-homes from the library. His sister likes to control the inflow and that means way too many pink, flowery books for his taste.

  2. Please consider this comment your invitation to finish up your BBAW week by adding a link to any reviews you've managed to post this week to the Saturday Review of Books at Semicolon this Saturday. Every week book bloggers from all over the blogosphere post links to their reviews and other bloggers and readers check out the reviews and find even more books to add to their wishlists.

    Thanks for blogging and reading and sharing.

  3. @Brimful - I don't think your reviews pale in comparison, but I'm happy Boo's experiences can help save your son from an overabundance of pink girliness. :)

    @Sherry - Thanks very much for the point to your site. What a great idea!

  4. Hi Sam
    Thanks for the mention!
    So sorry to hear about your stats meter.... I have to admit I checked my stats rather more regularly this week and that did give me a little buzz.
    Now, I need to finalise the post about the swap.... :-)

  5. Thank you so much for the mention and the sweet comments you made on & about my site! I truly appreciate it.

    I am so happy you stopped by not only because I love your site, but also because my son also has a form of autism. I'm always looking for more books to encourage and inspire him. I'm positive that as you participate more and visit other blogs, they will find what a gem your site is and start following!

    As for the low children's book reviewers participation with BBAW, I think I'd have to agree that I was hoping for more. Hopefully next year they will make their way back!

  6. @Zoe - I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for the swap. And yeah, I get a little buzz off my stats too, when I don't disable the counter...

    @1stdaughter - Thanks so much for the compliments. To my chagrin, I must admit I just snooped through your about me on Turkeybird, read the info on hyperlexia, and thought "bah, that's not so unusual, Boo can do most of -- oh, wait." So, hey, you've taught me a new term to ask the therapists about. Me = not always overly bright.

    In any case, I'm thrilled if anything you find here encourages/inspires/amuses Turkeybird. Or Littlebug, for that matter. :)


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