Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week

I'd been intending to watch but not participate in Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) as I'm new enough no one's heard of me yet and I'm not yet familiar enough with the book blogosphere to really do it justice.  However, Brimful Curiosities was kind enough to take note of our humble infant blog, so I figure I should bite the bullet and jump in the deep end...not to abhorantly mix up my metaphors or anything.

Monday's topic for BBAW is First Treasure. The first posting option is to share a great new book blog you've discovered.  Since the newest book blog I've discovered thus far is, well, this one, I'll go with the second option of sharing the very first book blog I discovered.

Enter Jen Robinson's Book Page.  Jen started her book blog way back in December 2005 with a premise  (among others) that more adults should read children's books and share their thoughts about them with other adults.  She's recently added Baby Bookworm to her family, and now also blogs about their bookish experiences together.  I look forward to reading more of their page-turning adventures and recommendations.  Go check them out!

Jen is also the moderator of Children's Book Reviews, a wiki collecting reviews from member bloggers (many of whom are better at remembering to update the wiki than I am).  If you're a kid's book review blogger, consider requesting access through the site to join the group.

If you haven't already, also mosey over to the BBAW site and check out the list of participants.  There's bound to be at least a couple you'll be thrilled to add to your regular reading list.  I know I plan to do so.


  1. Thanks so much, Sam! What a lovely surprise! I'm so glad that you've started your blog, and are diving into BBAW and other activities (like the review Wiki).

    Oh, and I thought of you this weekend, when a friend brought to my attention that there's a children's book called Boo Boo (by Olivier Dunrea, whose books I love). I ordered our copy already.

    Have a great week, Sam!

  2. You're welcome. Thanks for having such a great blog. :)

    The Boo Boo book looks cute, though we sometimes struggle with getting our Boo to try new foods so I'm not sure it'd be the best fit right now. Might try to find it at a library and see, though. Hope your Boo loves it!

  3. Love your blog and am now following. I just started a second blog Munchkin's Book Journey for books my 3 yr old reads and was looking for similar blogs to get book suggestions from.

  4. Similar blogs are always great sources of good book titles. I'll be watching yours to see what you and your daughter enjoy. :)

    Thanks for the comment and follow!


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