Friday, October 8, 2010

Pretend Play Breakthrough!

The Gruffalo [GRUFFALO]
And we have a winner for the first ever thing Boo has pretended to be.  I was treated to the following conversation last night as I dried him off after bath time:

Boo (holding tongue): Bootungisback.
Sam: What?
Boo: Boo's tongue is black.
Sam: Um.  Looks pink to me.
Boo: Boo's eyes are orange.
Sam: Oh! Is Boo a gruffalo?
Boo: Yes!
Sam:  Silly Mommy, I thought Boo was a boy.
Boo.  No-oo.  Boo is not a boy.  Boo is a gruffalo.
Sam: So that must mean you have purple prickles all over your back?
Boo:  Yes!
Sam: So, is Mommy a gruffalo too?
Boo: Yes!  Mommy is a gruffalo too.
Sam: What about Daddy?
Boo: Yes!
Sam: A whole gruffalo family?
Boo: Yes!
Sam: Excellent.


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